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Personlige anbefalinger
Personal Recommendations and References

if you want to make one, please e-mail me or call

“Michael is someone you can trust. You are in good hands with Michael.”
Keith Winfree, President and Founder, Keith Winfree & Company, Inc. (KWCI), www.winfree.org

“Michael was very responsive at the time we worked together. His feedback was very helpful, and his knowledge greatly appreciated. I would recommend him for anything he wants to work on in this field.”
Jose Nunez SEO@hirank.com, Technical SEO Consultant, HiRank

“Michael is a visionary. Somebody who recognizes opportunity where none has existed and leads others to success. He is somebody anyone involved in consulting needs to know.”
Kazuhisa Asano, Senior Service Manager, AT&T, www.att.com

“Michael is a top professional solution provider always giving you the best solutions for your company's hosting and online marketing needs and then he keeps the momentum all the way...”

Hans Jul Larsen, Co-founder, www.SMTP.dk & www.MYSMTP.eu

“My relation to Michael is via DDFO. Michael is a dedicated person with a clear vision and goal in all he does. Apart from the dedication to his work, Michael is also devoted to helping people who needs it, and the help offered are often done anonymously.”

Thorkild Ipsen, AppleCare Sales Executive, Apple, www.apple.com/dk/

“Great to be part of Michael's trusted network! I would not hesitate to recommend him to any of my contacts.”

Atif Shah, Area Sales Manager, ABN AMRO BANK, www.abnamro.com

“Working with Mike I found him as a person with great experience and deep knowledge. Creative and his knowledge is vast and thorough. He is reliable, goal oriented and detail oriented expert with great interpersonal skills.”

Mohan Reddy, Manager - Sales, UTL Training, www.utltraining.com

“Michael is a trustworthy person, that i will do business with at any time Kind Regards Ole Fosdam”

Ole Fosdam, Personaleleder, DSB, www.dsb.dk 

“Michael is very dynamic, and complete administrator with knowledge in almost any business area. He is very responsible and an outstanding business decision-maker. It is always a pleasure and bless to work aside him.”

Thierno Fall, Owner, SETCO, www.setco.dk

“I would recommend Michael for his great eye! He is such a visionary guy. It is an honor to be associated with Michael and part of his trusted network.”

Guillaume Tessier, e-marketing, search & web analytics Consultant, www.sqli.com

“It is with great pleasure that I recommend Mr. Michael Rasmussen. Michael is a results oriented individual that provides timely solutions to complex problems. It is an honor to be associated with Michael and part of his trusted network.”

Salvatore Rampaul-Pino, Quality & Process Engineering Manager, www.visionresearch.com/

“Michael is a modern "Renaissance Man" with a broad knowledge and perspective that allows him to develop creative and thoughtful solutions to difficult problems in a timely manner.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

Bruce S. Preble, CCIM Institute, www.ccim.com

“As a Mason and a service provider, Michael is very innovative and creative to get the job done.”

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative

Rob Mitchell, FourthFactor, www.fourthfactor.com

“Michael is a very kind, warm and welcoming person and he is an excellent net worker. I know Michael as a freemason and I see him as a trustworthy person. I am proud to be connected with him and I give him my best recommendations.”

Jørn Nedergaard Mediator, advokat / attorney-mediator, Mediationcenter A/S, www.mediationscenter.dk

“Michael is a driven individual that knows what he wants and is willing to take the necessary steps to achieve that goal. He exhibits the same characteristics in the business world and is pleasurable to work with. My company and myself both welcome future travel business from him.” August 4, 2008

Michael Fraley, Dispatcher, Carey Indiana, www.careyindiana.com

“Michael is a great visionary & its really wonderful to work with him. He is really a detail oriented guy.
I will love to work with him again in coming days. San”

Bhabani Sankar Prasad Dash, Managing Director, Interfinet Technologies pvt ltd, enfinet.com

“Highly recommend to all others! Thank you!”

Steven Burda, MBA, Founder & President, Burda Consulting Co.

“Micheal is the kind of person who can really get the job done. Great work ethic and paralleled excellence. Micheal can interact well with our marketing and our IT department.”

Joseph Kuter, Web Developer, SEO Development, Networks Solutions, networksolutions.com

“Michael is a top-notch CIO with a great eye. He is a true visionary, with an uncanny ability to figure out the solution to the problem. He truly is one of a few that gets it.”

Mark Hamade, Vice President, Human Capital, DATASKILL, dataskill.com

“Michael has been a great CIO . I would recommend him to anyone for his hard working and reliability!”

Manuel Trongone, Windows Engineer, Lunarpages, www.lunarpages.com

“Michael is one of kind, He belongs to a very different breed of Man that is entrusted to perform at a higher professional level while at the same time allowing induced and self development of colleagues and obviously the company He belongs.”

Marcelo F. Antunes, Partner, MOMMAT Ltda.

“As I see it, the companies established back from 83 and forward is some of those who innovation is included. And I can recommend the Design section.”

Jaroslav Pros, Founder and owner, Networking pros, www.csob.cz

“Michael is a true, and what I would call a professional business person. Michael has one of the highest level of communication skills I have ever come across. Michael is distributing a extremely wide rage of products from satellite internet to security equipment. Michael has always been a valuable person with his input and all his commen sense. I like to wish him the best of luck for the future...Even so, I don't genuinely believe he needs it... James Hayes MBA www.jameshayes.ie”

James Hayes, Writer, JAMES HAYES BOOK'S, www.jameshayes.ie

“I know Michael as perfect consultant, with wide areas of knowledge, excellent view of entire project without loosing contact with details. His help was priceless for us.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, On Time

Romeo Ninov, The Captain, www.cngroup.cz

“I recommend Michael very much. He is a innovative strong leader and is a detailed oriented manager who watches the balance sheet like a hawk, without loosing sight of the strategic objective.”

Steen Clausen, CTO, MBA, www.metropolinternational.com

“Michael is a professional business man. Michael is representing Verinet with a high level of communication skills. Through Verinet Michael is distributing a extremely wide rage of products from satellite internet to security equipment. Michael has always a valuable input with a lot of common sense.”

Top qualities: Personable, Good Value, Creative

Jonas Tetzschner, Electronics Engineer, Masanti A/S

“Michael has shown leadership and very high customer contact. The services delivered is top class. Michael has a deep knowledge of alle the technology Verinet Server Hosting center can deliver.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

Tomas Thobias Hellum, Bavarian Nordic, CEO, Linkin A/S

“I can highly recommend working together with Michael Rasmussen Valiantin.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

Asbjørn Eriksen, Independent Consultant

“Michael Rasmussen and I have worked together many times, and we will do so again, and always with a good result. So it's easily for me to recommend his company and Michael him self. Best regards Vincent”

Flemming Vincent, Visiting Professor, Art Academy, Inner Mongolia University China, www.imu.edu.cn

“Michael is a trustworthy person and a very creative person. l will give him my best recommendations. Saluds Bonett Trusell Wagner”

Bonett Trusell W, Owner, SafeHouseSitter.dk

“Michael Rasmussen did an outstanding job in the process of launching SMTP.dk. Expert knowledge in all disciplines: Hosting, hardware and SEO = Success !”

Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, High Integrity

Hans Jul Larsen Advertising Bureau, www.hans.dk

“Michael is my supporter in IT, and he has branded my business. He is very helpful and I recommend him very much.”

Anne-Kathrine Christensen, CIO, www.holkat.dk

“I have known Michael since 1986 and he has always been at the frontend of technology. Michael is fun and outgoing. Michael is part of the changing world. Michael make it happen.”

Lars Mygind, CEO, Heilesen & Mygind, www.mygind.dk

“I have worked with Michael and Verinet.dk in several occasions, and the and joyful spirit of Michael has always been a pleasure.”

Kim Schulz, Owner, DevTeam Danmark, www.devteam.dk

“I recommend Michael's homepage WWW.VERINET.DK

Susanne Rosendahl, Indkøber, Novo Nordisk A/S, www.novo.dk

“Forget the Rest and try the Best. I have recommended Michael to my various business associates and I recommend Michael to you.”

Richard Hussey, Chairman and Managing Director, Innovation With Results LTD

“Michael is very innovative technopreneur - his marketing strategies are effective and his services timely! Definitely worth considering as a business partner!”

Mark Lau , Project Director, Project WRS, www.icancollege.com

“Michael always get's the job done..!”

Hugo Hein, CEO, Shipbroker, www.hugohein.com 

“I met Michael Rasmussen through various online networks since last two years. Michael is very friendly, professional, reliable and trusted business partner. He helps me a lots to set-up The HITA Bali Property as SEO, Adwords Specialist, Trademark Registration, Open Source CMS Systems at ABCDESIGN BRAND BUILDING & TRADEMARKS. I fully recommend to connect and deal any business opportunities with him directly. Congratulations Michael and all the best. Yoshua Daely Founder The HITA Bali Property www.hitabali.com”

Yoshua Daely, Founder, The HITA Bali Property, www.pitamaharesorts-bali.com/

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