Windows Server 2008 is going to manufacturing with release of February 27 for licence and March 1 for retail package and OEM

Windows Server 2008 SQL Server 2008The beta versions of Windows 2008 where downloaded around 2 million time, according to Microsoft. Many of the customers is actually using Windows 2008 for tests and deployment, among these is Verinet. There is now around 500 certified or near certified applications for Windows 2008.

Windows Server 2008 is containing many new features. For the web hosting clients the most important is Internet Information Services 7.0 which has many new features like running PHP application hosting via the IIS FastCGI module.

The Windows Server 2008 also comes with 17 roles including a file and print server or Web server and then it only installs the code need for that purpose. Theres is a new Network Access Protection which is a check to prevent any unpatched and insecure computers from accessing a corporate network. The Virtualization news is the Hyper-V virtualization which currently is delivered in a beta version but is to be released within 6 month.

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