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Since December 2009 there have been rumours about Windows 2008 and Windows Server 2012. Microsoft have send confidential information about Windows 8 to their PC customers.

In this e-mail Microsoft is saying it is the first info about Windows 8.0. This info is leaked to the media. Some of the news inside the operating system is:  Windows Store, like the Apple App Store. Microsoft has tried this APP Shop concept before. It is Microsoft Marketplace, but without any success and many users.

But since then there is many new users, many new smart phone users and much more developer focus and developers than before, why the developers will help Microsoft to gain success this time. This App Store will contain account information and license management, software updating and the possibility to distribute licenses to more platforms and fysical gear, from phones to TV’s. They also write about a Quality Control for the applications to be sold through Windows Store. Another big ID issue is that Windows 8.0 will recognize your face from the monent you sit in front of your notebook. This is done by using tje built in camera in most computers and by facerecognition. I can imagine that voice recognition also will be in use…

Windows 8 will be available in 2012 and the campaign is set to May and June and the delivery is set to June. According to many bloggers the Beta will come out in the middle of 2011 and the public beta will go out in Q4 2011.

Windows Server 2012 (The name is not yet known) wil follow the same time because of the simultaneous development. The new Windows Server 2012 is expected to have a better Social Media in the Enterprise solution,. that is that Social Media is used internally, like Sharepoint is to share and work on documents and streamline the communication in a company.

Other facilities might be an integration of an IPX which is a VOIP Server Solution for telephony by VOIP and Mobiles. Companies like the Danish VOPIUM is seen to have very good cards on their hands. They might actually be sold very soon, one internally spokesman in Verinet says. The new Windows Server 2012 will also be focused on Microsoft Cloud and APPS delivery products like Asure, Microsoft Office, Exchange and Sharepoint.

It will be possible to have your private Cloud Computing Platform as Cloud Computing already i a key element to gain new customers at Redhat, Novell and most other Linux Distributions. Some of the new HYPERV facilities might be provisioning and the ability provide virtualization in a HPC environment.

This environment is already known as Windows HPC Server, where HPC is “High Performance Computing”. I suppose that the new elements from NVIDIA might be supported, it is namely the new platform of TESLA CUDA and FERMI. There is also a possible move from the gaming industry who pushes 3D to gain more sales. But this is pure speculation 🙂

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