The Danish Ruby on Rails goes to 14% marketshare

The programming language Ruby is taking market shares. Now it has gained from 10 to 14% marketshare which is 40% more developers since last year according to Infoworld.

Ruby on Rails is a Danish development to the famous programming language Ruby. It is Evans Data North, American Development Survey that found the gain to 14 percent of developers in that region who uses Ruby. 20 percent of the developers expect to use Ruby in the coming year.

Linux continue to increase as the target platform for Web Sites and Deveopment and scripting languages for this platform has the highest growth. The survey reveil som other information which includes that Commercial SQL databases are 2,5 times more likely to be used as a primary database than free open source SQL databases. Also 60 percent of all developers uses a agile methodology and 75 percent of all applications considered for cloud computiong will require audit trails. Evans’s survey aroun 400 North American developers and measures the use of scripting languages, 3GL languages, and platform targeting and migration. Technology adoption such as Cloud Computing, SAAS, Web services, SOA, and parallel programming also are factored into the survey.

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