.tel domain is released for sale today


The new top level domain .tel is released for sale today. It is not for homepage and portals. It is not at all an ordinary domain. The only function this domains has on ots name servers is to reply with the contact information of the owner of the domain. This function is needed for the upcoming mobile momentum, and for normal Internet users, as an easy access for companies, public institutions and private persons. Verinet does not expect this domain to be sold in high volumes.

The only funtions you will have available is to fillout a contact information scheme, which is your basic information which is returned as requested. Such services is allready on the market and nameli OPENID is one of the major playeres on this market. From the 8. december 2008 and today there have been a sunrise period, while the landrush period actually is starting now, but they pay a price which is higher that on the 24. march where the low price of only 1 EURO at Verinet. The low price of the registration fee is for ALL domain names in the world sold by Verinet.

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