Will Fujitsu Siemens beat IBM and DELL on the EMEA server market?

Server Storage and Server market Fujitsu Siemens is taking markets from the other storage and server leaders such as HP, IBM and DELL.

In the period of 2006-2007 Fujitsu Siemens made a strong double growth compared to the other market players in the EMEA storage market. The growth was 25.4 percent which is around double as much as the Server Market in the EMEA countries which was only 11,5 percent.

Fujitsu Siemens, Product chief Erik Aldring is saying to it24.se: “Our Strong sale and fast growth in earnings and market shares is a reflection of our partners and customers support, when it comes to our strategy. On the server market we have been in twice the growth as the market, if you look at the delivered x86 servers”

Verinet Denmark, CTO Steen Clausen says: »This very fast growth rate gives Fujitsu Siemens a market share at 8 percent, and if you look at the extremely broad and advanced product portfolio and the newly agreement with EMC, then i am sure that Fujitsu Siemens will surprise us all beating both IBM and DELL in the EMEA market. If you look at the product range and compare with the current market, then Fujitsu Siemens has newly developed storage and server products for demanding customers, like 2.5″ hard drive architecture, double PSU and the ability to have 12 drives in 1 mainstream server.”

Top 5 Server sale in Emea:
HP 43,4 percent
Dell 19,2 percent
IBM 15,4 percent
Fujitsu Siemens 8,0 percent
Acer 1,8 percent