Social Media and sharing sites is ranking higher than Google and anyone else

Hosting Center  about Sharing & Social MediaIn terms on determine the trends around having video and social media on your sites you may look on the current ranking of the main sites in the world. It is telling af story about social media and videosharing which can be related to Verinet’s Business Building and having a CMS system.

The trend seems to bee sharing content and having Web Social media facilities on your Site. Sites such as Social Media and Files or Content sharing is gaining momentum very quickly. From that we could learn that people are using the internet to share and to make connections both privately and Business like.

Hosting Trends is that the CMS systems is gaining momentum. The Traditional web hotel is dead. The users wants CMS systems like Drupal, Joomla and WordPress included in their solutions. And many new research indicates that the price is not important.

Here is the links of TOP 20: Notice that Google has moved to number 4 and no. 2 is now Youtube – owned by Google.

1 (none) Info Icon
2 up 1 Info Icon
3 up 1 Info Icon
4 down 2 Info Icon
5 (none) Info Icon
6 (none) Info Icon
7 (none) Info Icon
8 up 1 Info Icon
9 down 1 Info Icon
10 (none) Info Icon
11 (none) Info Icon
12 (none) Info Icon
13 up 6 Info Icon
14 down 1 Info Icon
15 up 6 Info Icon
16 down 1 Info Icon
17 up 7 Info Icon
18 down 1 Info Icon
19 down 3 Info Icon
20 down 6 Info Icon

In the Danish list〈=da there is also a trend which is Soccial Media, sharing and sex.


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