Facebook is a security risk and can give direct access for your PC and your company

With millions of users Facebook is a Social Media platform where it is possible for everyone to produce applications which can use known security holes in Windows Vista and Windows XP. The benefit for the hacker is access for millions of users. With and ordinary application you can gain access for everyone who uses applications on Facebook, and since nearly everyone is using applications, it is a securityhole number one at the moment, which require extra attention.

Many international companies has allready closed the access for this popular service. This argument has been on stage for some month and today Deloitte has proven it is very simple to use known security issues with and Facebook application and Martin Clausen mention in a interview with version2 that DANSKE BANK, the largest danish bank has closed the access to Facebook.

There is a need for a Security Policy which includes Social Media which for the moment is primarely is used for private purposes. But the problem will come when companies is starting using Facebook in Social Media Marketing to attract customers and use the service as a recruiting tool. If you are saying yes to an application in Facebook on work then not only all your passwords for every srvice you use is accesable and also is the servers which you have acces to in your company. Right now, there is no known fix of that problem from the producers of firewall, antimalware and antivirus systems. The only effective way is to close for the access at the moment.

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