Cloud Computing goes mainstream for Hosting, Virtualization, Clustering and your own hardware

Cloud computing is the most important technology since WEB2. Cloud Computing is a hosting service and so called Internet-based “CLOUD” which use a number of rackservers or blade servers to provide one Unified Cloud. In such a unified Cloud you may have all your company’s or country’s software and data. Virtualization technology is used for many different operating systems and for safety you may ad unlimited Clustering technology with Load Balancing for automatic fail over for services. On the software part it uses SaaS, Software as a Service like on a normal LAN. As clients you may use PC, Notbooks, PDA and also thin clients. For Hosting and SaaS Providers The Virtual Private Datacenter can be delivered in just a few minutes.

According to Gartner Research:
“Cloud Computing will be as influential as E-business”

Cloud Computing Information Center
Cloud Computing and Virtual Private Datacenters gives you the highest security, unlimited scale ability and the most in fluent technology since WEB2. Above you may see the main vendors on the SKY market.

According to Gartner there is no doubt that Cloud Computing will change the way we use servers, and it will also be a more Green Solution to choose. According to IEEE Internet Computing “Cloud Computing is a paradigm in which information is permanently stored in servers on the Internet and cached temporarily on clients that include desktops, entertainment centers, table computers, notebooks, wall computers, handhelds, sensors, monitors, etc.” Some of the synonyms has been Grid Computing and Elastic Computing.

Cloudcenter facilities with IAAS

Cloud computing is a SaaS product for incorporation of “Software as a Service”, Web 2.0 and many other technologies and trends. Many of the known Cloud Computing companies like Amazon and Microsoft is now having trouble times ahead from the Open Source communities and the Server Hosting Center Providers. The Open Source Cloud Computing is making it possible to use your own systems for the Cloud Computing Sky.

Currently used systems is comparable and compatible with Amazons EC2, Microsoft, Grid Community and your own system backend with IAAS = InfraStructure As A Service.

Cloud Computing and Virtualization overview

At the current moment the support is for the fowllinf Cloud Computing Standards and companies:

  • Cloud Computing Best Practices with Virtualization and Clustering
  • Private Cloud Computing
  • Cloud Computing Virtualization and Clustering for Private Open Sky / Server Farms / Vendors
  • IaaS – Infrastructure as a Service, PaaS – Platform as a Service & SaaS – Software as a Service
  • Support for Amazon EC2 Web Services, Microsoft Azure Cloud Computing, Google App Engine
  • Products like 10Gen, Enomaly, Reservoir, OpenNebula, Eucalyptus, Nimbus from The Globus Alliance
  • Linux (9 vendors), Unix (3 vendors) and Windows Server 2008 platforms in mix as you wish
  • Support for MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle, Sybase & PostGresSQL, EnterpriseDB and Database Clustering
  • Support for 3PAR, EMC, DELL, HP, IBM, Sun, MogleFS and many more
  • Virtualization by Citrix Xen, Microsoft HyperV, SunXVM, VMWARE and many more
  • Support for Ajax, Java, JavaScript, Flash, PHP, Python, Aptana, JBoss, Redhat, Ruby, .Net, Adobe Air

Cloud Computing is used for Hosting, Colocation and SaaS Providers.
Cloud Computing is used for Hosting, Colocation and SaaS Providers.

Eucalyptus Cloud Computing

With Eucalyptus it is possible to run virtualized servers on Amazons Servers. With Eucalyptus you may create an environment like Amazon EC2 and furthermore you can adapt the platform for any special needs. The targets for Eucalyptus is to provide a platform which is easy to use, deploy, maintain and edit according to Rich Wolski, a professor at the University of California. He says: »We started with building something which looks like a Sky. The result is, that our software is easier to adopt, change, install and maintain on a more natural way.«

Nimbus Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing as SaaS in a Server Hosting Center

Cloud Computing is large pools of server systems which are linked together to provide IT services like SaaS. In a Server Hosting Center you may find that it is easy to create a Cloud Computing SKY with existing servers. The need for Cload Computing consist of the need for speed, the growth in clients in the services, the need for realtime streams of data and video, WEB2 standards such as Mashups, Open Collaboration, Mobile Commerce and Social Media Services. Main services right now is beeing offered by Verinet is: Virtualization, Open Source CMS systems, CRM Systems, Project Managing, Open Office Colloboration, InformationCare, File Sharing, Video Streaming Services.

It is very easy to scale, to ad new hardware and to migrate to other systems, such as, if a customer wants to go for his own servers in the Virtual Server Hosting Center.

Cload Computing can be used for many companies fraom Server Hosting Center Providers and SaaS Providers - This is an alternative to the normal Cloud Computing model.
Cloud Computing can be used for many companies from Server Hosting Center Providers and SaaS Providers to Portals and Daily Newspaper. This above figure is an alternative to the normal Cloud Computing model. The use of Thin Clients is normal in Cloud Computing models, but not at all a demand.

Unified Cloud Computing

The United and/or Unified Cloud Computing is very easy to manage and the Cloud contains all services and software, and the data can be controlled whether they want to store it locally or within the cloud.

If you look at the level of services and security you will have a more wide choice of security, backup, replication and dataservices such as control scanning of the data. Today most companies already use data stored in a Server Hosting Center or is using Colocation Services or IT Outsourcing.

It is as mentioned very easy to migrate to a unified Cloud and reusing the existing rack servers. The benefits are really easy to look at, as you will have a new look at the whole IT Infrastructure.

Most customers choose a Server Hosting Provide to provide:

  1. The Hosting of the Cloud Computing
  2. Cloud Computing Services such as SLA, ServerCare and Uptime guarantee,
  3. To provide the correct IT infrastructure including correct powering, battery backup, Diesel Generators, IP Backup and
  4. General SaaS services from Remote Backup to Clustering and Cloud Computing Monitoring Services

Verinet is a company which is offering Cloud Computing end the middle of 2007 for customers. It is a product like Server Hosting or Colocation and the interest is very high from middle to large companies and from the dealernet whether they are Saas Providers or Hosting Centers.

One of the modern aspects about Cloud Computing is to think it as an Internet Operating System. While we primarely are using Open Source Technologies then the cost of Migration or Starup of Cloud Computing is very low. Actually lower than conventional rackserver hosting because you are using Virtualization and Load Balancing in most services.

CTO Steen Clausen, Verinet Server Hosting Center explains: “While Cloud Computing is the new way to deploy most IT Services, many new companies will have a start without ever owning a server themselves. Because of our ability to insure Zero DownTime with Cloud Computing, many new startup companies will feel its better to pay a low price for a super computer rather than a super prices for low performance if you choose to implement your own servers in our IT Outsourcing Services or in one of our the Server Hosting Center. You may scale from 1 server CPU to hundreds of CPU’s in only a few days.

“Cloud Computing is highly cost effective and does not have any really competitive technology”

With Cloud Computing Software we aim to deliver the most advanced platform, which is independant to vendors and is to be used with allmost any software systems you can find in the world. Cloud Computing is highly cost effective and does not have any really competitive technology. The only competion is from the large companies which already are using Cloud Computing for their own services and then retning free service space out to the users.

This might be a bad Business Model, since you are then locked to use certain cloud frameworks, foreign servers, interfaces, while Verinet aims at freedom in every part of the technology chain. Our systems is integrated with the Open Source Community as well as the properitary vendors and this is indeed a winning combination. Our partners is allready using this to create seamless and bordeless SaaS models of wellknown services such as Open Colloboration, Virtualization, Remote Backup, Mail Services, TV and Videostreaming as well as Social Media Software.”

Most people see Cloud Computing as a distant future, but it has been here for years and many is properly using Cloud Computing without knowing it. So Cloud Compting ad Grid Technology is here, not just to stay, but to win. I will find i very difficult to argue against that. The level of penetration of the use of this technologys as i see it, is from big sectors like the finance, insurance, banking, transport, government and muncipalities but especially the TV and video-streaming, e-learning, social media, online entertainment, newspapers, and all WEB2 related portals can have the benefits here and now without changing anything in their existing setup. At Verinet you will be able to use this technolgy in 22 of our 39 countries covered including content distribution, content caching and intelligent traffic routing of the clients.

Currently offerings this Grid of components which can overlay each other:

  • Cloud Computing Fully Managed Self Service Virtual Private Data Centers – for Hosting and SaaS providers
  • Cloud Computing Dynamic Web Hotel – The Green ZeroDownTime Webhotel with CMS or Services
  • Cloud Computing Open Source CMS such as Joomla, Drupal and Typo3 (of 18 vendors)
  • Cloud Computing Remote Backup with Disaster Recovery
  • Cloud Computing InformationCare (FTP & Colloboration Service)
  • Cloud Computing Open Office with Colloboration Suite
  • Cloud Computing Clustering Server and Load Balancing Services
  • Cloud Computing Virtual Servers for Virtualization

With one interface showing the Sky and the Cloud Services you can right now buy anything from 2.000GHZ to 5.000TB Traffic and it is easy to add extra power or release the servers again, and you can even dynamic add more power and storage according to your logfiles. We insure to work with all major standards, vendors, academic institutions and consortiums to ensure that you will receive the maximum of benefits with our products.

Cloud Computing Server Hosting Center offers The Virtual Private Datacenter

This offer is not dealing with any hardware, you will be up and runing fast and secure. Get your own Virtual Private Datacenter in 5 minutes. Discover what Cload Computing can do for your business. It is like having having access to your own private datacenter which can be managed and monitored from anywhere in the world using your standard browser.

  • Get Virtual Servers, Virtual Datacenters and 100% Secure performance with 99,99% uptime.
  • Do the famous drag, drop and connect to the infrastructure on-the-fly as you need, from firewalls and load balancers to database servers and thw worlds fastest 4GBIT/S SAN storage systems.
  • Provision new Virtual Rackservers and whole applications with a single command.
    Resell these and make a fortune of happy and amazed customers.
  • Scale easily from a couple of CPUs to more than thousand 3GHZ QuadCore CPU and deploy your existing applications in hours.

Sleep well at night… with no failed hardware! Earn the time configuration and installation time of hardware and minimize your business to what is need. You dont need any technicians any more and so with the support, and the installation experts. Simply pick what you need and it is running permanently within a few minutes. Don’t worry about scaling – you can add or delete resources to any within a few minutes.

Verinet Cloud Computing ISP & Private DataCenter Configuration Options

Resource Min Max
CPU’s from 2.0-3.0GHZ 2 4096
RAM in GB 1 3072
Storage in GB* 750 512,000
IP addresses 2 65.536

Please use this contact phone: +45 70217777 ext. 280. You may se more on

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