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The new nesletter is online now for sending friday. The content is Cisco Fiber, SuperMicro range of products and new CITRIX products for Cloud Computing, Virtualization and Enterprise Client integration of all systems such as servers, notebooks, PDA and phones.
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One of the new big topseller products which noone else can produce is the SUPERMICRO TWIN 2i1 RackServer which has:

  • 2xQuadcore OR Sixcore motherboards in 1U for up to 24 cores pr. 1U.
  • Infiniband SAN Switch with 8 x 2½ hotswop harddisk drive SAS or SATA3 or 4×3½ hotswop harddisks
  • Silver or Gold level certified PSU system
  • Price from 950 $ as Barebone system.

The other great milestone is a new servertype which is in the middle of a rackserver and BLADE SERVER and is competing with the best value for money, most green and highest CPU power pr unit. Actually the Server Blade Producers got to look for Supermicro new standards as they are taking marketshare very rapid and also take the biggest custumers such as Amazon, Google, Yahoo, Nasa, Boeing, Microsoft and many other of the biggest Enterprise companies.

Using the new AMD SIXCORE, Supermicro invented the high availability ow price rackserver with 24 cores. it is a 1U with 3×3½” hotswops dreives or 2U with 6×3½ hotswop drives. The price is fantastic and also the specs for these server series called A+ 4 Way Server Solutions. The New TWIN2 Systems offers:

  • 2U system with 4 x Motherboards with Quadcore or SIXCORE and each motherboard for up to 48 cores
  • 16 x 2½” Infiniband SAN switched system or 3 x 3½” hotswop disks pr. motherboard
  • Best value for money, beats all Blade Servers in performance and price.
  • Price from 1.995,- $ as Barebone system.

Also we take a look at GPU Teraflop Datacenter and Supercomputing using the SuperMicro GPU Tesla Systems. Verinet is selling the systems as a SAAS solution where you can use the servers for Rendering, Calculations and Scientific purposes from 1 $ pr. minute and 50% rebate prices from 00:00 to 08:00.


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