The Internet “Roads” is now 40 years old…

ARPA 1969:

ARPA 1977:

The beginning of the “Roads”. Today’s Internet Is now 40 Years Old. HAPPY BIRTDAY!

The Internet is now 40 years old. Actually the first long distance message was sent to launch the ARPANET on Oct. 29, 1969. This message is recognized to be the first e-mail in the world. This first e-mail travelled traveled around 400 miles from LA, UCLA to the Stanford Research Institute. The background is that the ARPANET was started to save the Defense Department money and the initial reactions to the founding of the Internet were negative. According to Newsfactor, on that date, engineers at the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) sent a message to their counterparts at the Stanford Research Institute (SRI) in San Francisco, a distance of about 400 miles. In a modern-era equivalent of the legendary first telephone message. According to Newsfactor:

“he first typed in the letter “L” and then, by phone, asked an engineer at SRI if the letter had arrived. When that was confirmed, it was on to completing the word “log.” The arrival of the “O” was also verified by phone, but the system crashed on “G.” The problem was debugged, and now, four decades later, the world has changed. Brad Shimmin, an analyst with industry research firm Current Analysis, said he likens the birth of the Internet to the invention of roads. “Roads,” he pointed out, “were a key reason for the dominance of the Roman Empire” and the U.S. has been profoundly shaped by its interstate highway system.

The Internet or something like it was as inevitable as roads, Shimmin said. “The desire to communicate” is primal, he noted, and communicating through computing devices grows out of that. It might have grown up in ways other than the IP-based, cobbled-together system of the Internet, he said, but it would have happened. That original research project, funded by the U.S. Department of Defense’s Advanced Research Projects Agency, was propelled by duplicate funding requests from various academic and research institutions. ARPA wanted the institutions to share their research. At First, Negative Reactions. M.I.T.’s Dr. Larry Roberts, who created the basic technical specs of what was then called ARPANET, recalled recently that initial reactions to the early Internet were quite negative. Institutions, he told the BBC, wanted to keep control of their bulky computers, but soon found out that they could get more computing power at lower overall cost if they worked together.

The ARPANET engineers, he said, knew the project “would change the face of research and development and business.” Before ARPANET, computers could be networked in dedicated sessions, but the costs and time to do so made it impractical and inefficient. By using packet switching, which the 1969 launch demonstrated, costs and ease of connection could be dramatically improved. Packet switching allows data to be broken up into smaller chunks for transmission using a network of computers, and then reassembled at the destination. Even though Oct. 29 is the generally accepted birthday for the Internet, that is subject to some dispute. While it was the date a message was sent from a lab in one city to a lab in another, some people consider Sept. 2 as the birthday. On Sept. 2, 1969, a message was also sent from one computer to another — a distance of 15 feet inside the UCLA lab.

This first engagement with the technology, was leading to the “first few hosting steps in Denmark, when we in 1991 where having our first server.” It was a server which was home made, that is, it it was assembled by hand. The same server later had around 400 domains as one of the largest web hotels and was upgraded to a 40GB harddisk with tape backup. ” AS a hosting Center Verinet now includes more than 1.000 servers with more than 30.000 domains. Now a days we have to make design, hosting and also advise about business plans. So you may say that the original business idea of selling a Web-Hotel for 3.600,- has changed. But not the price which in many ways is still the same.


Around 40.000 danish domains is unsecure why Hosting providers is looking forward to a busy fall

Around 40.000 Danish domains and their web sites under the .DK toplevel domain contains a marker of security flaws. That means, that most of them are hackable and/or is already defaced or exploited according to a official web page who scans all domains for this. From many of our dealers we found, that many pages already is hacked or is defaced. The service is only scanning what you can scan from outside by scanning Danish IP ranges.

Friendly hackers is searching for high bandwidth, at the many Hosting Centers which are placed centrally on the Internet

Since hackers are very friendly, they actually close the holes for you, but the reason is that no other hacker can come in. It is our estimate that the actual number is around 25.000 hacked pages which are used to spread dangerous content from downloading files and/orthe server will be used as a part of a BOT NET. Themany bot net is mostly automaticallyscanning other IP ranges aroiund the world. The bot nets also prefer to have unlimited bandwidth in stead of localy users with DSL services.

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Original title: Around 40.000 Danish domains is insecure.
Original publisher: Verinet

The Danish Ruby on Rails goes to 14% marketshare

The programming language Ruby is taking market shares. Now it has gained from 10 to 14% marketshare which is 40% more developers since last year according to Infoworld.

Ruby on Rails is a Danish development to the famous programming language Ruby. It is Evans Data North, American Development Survey that found the gain to 14 percent of developers in that region who uses Ruby. 20 percent of the developers expect to use Ruby in the coming year.

Linux continue to increase as the target platform for Web Sites and Deveopment and scripting languages for this platform has the highest growth. The survey reveil som other information which includes that Commercial SQL databases are 2,5 times more likely to be used as a primary database than free open source SQL databases. Also 60 percent of all developers uses a agile methodology and 75 percent of all applications considered for cloud computiong will require audit trails. Evans’s survey aroun 400 North American developers and measures the use of scripting languages, 3GL languages, and platform targeting and migration. Technology adoption such as Cloud Computing, SAAS, Web services, SOA, and parallel programming also are factored into the survey.

SuperMicro, Cisco and Citrix News

The new nesletter is online now for sending friday. The content is Cisco Fiber, SuperMicro range of products and new CITRIX products for Cloud Computing, Virtualization and Enterprise Client integration of all systems such as servers, notebooks, PDA and phones.
Take a look at

One of the new big topseller products which noone else can produce is the SUPERMICRO TWIN 2i1 RackServer which has:

  • 2xQuadcore OR Sixcore motherboards in 1U for up to 24 cores pr. 1U.
  • Infiniband SAN Switch with 8 x 2½ hotswop harddisk drive SAS or SATA3 or 4×3½ hotswop harddisks
  • Silver or Gold level certified PSU system
  • Price from 950 $ as Barebone system.

The other great milestone is a new servertype which is in the middle of a rackserver and BLADE SERVER and is competing with the best value for money, most green and highest CPU power pr unit. Actually the Server Blade Producers got to look for Supermicro new standards as they are taking marketshare very rapid and also take the biggest custumers such as Amazon, Google, Yahoo, Nasa, Boeing, Microsoft and many other of the biggest Enterprise companies.

Using the new AMD SIXCORE, Supermicro invented the high availability ow price rackserver with 24 cores. it is a 1U with 3×3½” hotswops dreives or 2U with 6×3½ hotswop drives. The price is fantastic and also the specs for these server series called A+ 4 Way Server Solutions. The New TWIN2 Systems offers:

  • 2U system with 4 x Motherboards with Quadcore or SIXCORE and each motherboard for up to 48 cores
  • 16 x 2½” Infiniband SAN switched system or 3 x 3½” hotswop disks pr. motherboard
  • Best value for money, beats all Blade Servers in performance and price.
  • Price from 1.995,- $ as Barebone system.

Also we take a look at GPU Teraflop Datacenter and Supercomputing using the SuperMicro GPU Tesla Systems. Verinet is selling the systems as a SAAS solution where you can use the servers for Rendering, Calculations and Scientific purposes from 1 $ pr. minute and 50% rebate prices from 00:00 to 08:00.


Cloud Computing goes mainstream for Hosting, Virtualization, Clustering and your own hardware

Cloud computing is the most important technology since WEB2. Cloud Computing is a hosting service and so called Internet-based “CLOUD” which use a number of rackservers or blade servers to provide one Unified Cloud. In such a unified Cloud you may have all your company’s or country’s software and data. Virtualization technology is used for many different operating systems and for safety you may ad unlimited Clustering technology with Load Balancing for automatic fail over for services. On the software part it uses SaaS, Software as a Service like on a normal LAN. As clients you may use PC, Notbooks, PDA and also thin clients. For Hosting and SaaS Providers The Virtual Private Datacenter can be delivered in just a few minutes.

According to Gartner Research:
“Cloud Computing will be as influential as E-business”

Cloud Computing Information Center
Cloud Computing and Virtual Private Datacenters gives you the highest security, unlimited scale ability and the most in fluent technology since WEB2. Above you may see the main vendors on the SKY market.

According to Gartner there is no doubt that Cloud Computing will change the way we use servers, and it will also be a more Green Solution to choose. According to IEEE Internet Computing “Cloud Computing is a paradigm in which information is permanently stored in servers on the Internet and cached temporarily on clients that include desktops, entertainment centers, table computers, notebooks, wall computers, handhelds, sensors, monitors, etc.” Some of the synonyms has been Grid Computing and Elastic Computing.

Cloudcenter facilities with IAAS

Cloud computing is a SaaS product for incorporation of “Software as a Service”, Web 2.0 and many other technologies and trends. Many of the known Cloud Computing companies like Amazon and Microsoft is now having trouble times ahead from the Open Source communities and the Server Hosting Center Providers. The Open Source Cloud Computing is making it possible to use your own systems for the Cloud Computing Sky.

Currently used systems is comparable and compatible with Amazons EC2, Microsoft, Grid Community and your own system backend with IAAS = InfraStructure As A Service.

Cloud Computing and Virtualization overview

At the current moment the support is for the fowllinf Cloud Computing Standards and companies:

  • Cloud Computing Best Practices with Virtualization and Clustering
  • Private Cloud Computing
  • Cloud Computing Virtualization and Clustering for Private Open Sky / Server Farms / Vendors
  • IaaS – Infrastructure as a Service, PaaS – Platform as a Service & SaaS – Software as a Service
  • Support for Amazon EC2 Web Services, Microsoft Azure Cloud Computing, Google App Engine
  • Products like 10Gen, Enomaly, Reservoir, OpenNebula, Eucalyptus, Nimbus from The Globus Alliance
  • Linux (9 vendors), Unix (3 vendors) and Windows Server 2008 platforms in mix as you wish
  • Support for MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle, Sybase & PostGresSQL, EnterpriseDB and Database Clustering
  • Support for 3PAR, EMC, DELL, HP, IBM, Sun, MogleFS and many more
  • Virtualization by Citrix Xen, Microsoft HyperV, SunXVM, VMWARE and many more
  • Support for Ajax, Java, JavaScript, Flash, PHP, Python, Aptana, JBoss, Redhat, Ruby, .Net, Adobe Air

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Entry Level Server Hosting Standard From 9 € Pr. Month

One of the nice thing in the world is small boxes with small prices and high performance. A such approuch has the new HP DL120 Server, DL 160 and DL 180. These server offers a high performance without sacrifying the high performance delivery.

If you take the DL 120 you will have a 19″ RackServer with DualCore and 1×160 GB harddisk for only 397 €. This server is especially good for people who found out that dedicated server hosting is in. Most prople do not want to share their mailservers, web facilities and FTP servers and such and prefer more privacy, higher uptime and better security. Thats why the Entry Level Server Hosting market is booming and is not showing any signs og crisis at all.

Prices on the Rack Servers makes i a very good strategy to take 2 servers and run them in Clustering Mode with or without Load Balancing. Also the price is in this case only 794 €.

All HP Systems comes with a leasing from 1 year to 5 years and that means that this model costs from around 9 € pr. month.

All models delivered from Verinet comes with a CD which is offering VMWARE ESXi Virtualization, Citrix Xensource Virtualization, ISP Control Panel, Web 2½ Video Streaming Server and also the 3 most recognized CMS systems which is Joomla, Drupal and Typo3 and a lot of SEO Based Templates. This CD is for free but can be bought for 10 €.

Dedicated Server Hosting Center for IT Outsourcing
Dedicated Server Hosting Center for IT Outsourcing

The HP DL160 is a new line of servers which is with 4 x hotswap harddrives and equiped with the INTEL Quadcore 2.0 GHZ, 2 GB Ram and 1×160 GB harddisk the price is 660 €. Leasing is from 12 €.

Server Hosting Center HP DL 180 Rack Server
Server Hosting Center HP DL 180/185/320 Rack Server

The HP DL 180 comes with 8 x hotswap harddrives and equiped with the INTEL Quadcore 2.0 GHZ, 2 GB Ram and 1×160 GB harddisk the price is 660 €. There is another alternative which is HP DL the giant 8 x hotswap harddrives and equiped with the INTEL Quadcore 2.0 GHZ, 2 GB Ram and 1×160 GB harddisk the price is 729 €. Leasing from 16 €. Since all the models can carry 1TB harddrives this model can have a 8 TB of storage. This makes this model very suitable for Remote Backup and as a Backup Server which at the same time can act as a Clustering Server.

All these new models makes it really simple to have a cheap IT Outsourcing strategy with Virtualization and Clustering and Backup at the same time.

Windows Server 2008 – TOP10 Hosting fordele

1. Udvidet fokus på sikkerhed

Windows Server 2008 er bygget op på en helt ny platform med fokus på sikkerhed. Windows Server 2008 giver dig muligheden for kun at installere de nødvendige services, som serveren skal bruge. Udvidet auditing, Drive Encryption, Event Forwarding og Rights Management Services er bare nogle af de teknologier, som kan hjælpe organisationer med at leve op til de konstant voksende IT regelstandarder.

2. Server Management er blevet nemmere

Gør de daglige problematikker med serveradministrationen mere enkel er en af de mange tilføjelser til Windows Server 2008. Nye management værktøjer, som Server Manager Console, giver brugeren en enkel, samlet konsol til at håndtere serverens konfiguration og systeminformationer og giver et visuelt billede af serverens status samt evt. problemer.

3. Optimeret netværksydelse

Windows Server 2008 introducerer de største ændringer i netværksydelse siden Windows NT 4.0. Nye teknologier som Receive Window Autotuning, Receive Side Scaling, og Quality of Service (QOS) kan hjælpe virksomheder med at udnytte nutidens IT løsninger som multiGigabit netværk og integreret IP sec.

4. Bedre ydelse med Windows Vista og Windows 7.0

Fordi Windows Vista og Windows Server 2008 er bygget ud fra den samme platform, betyder det, at de deler en del af de nye teknologier på tværs af netværk, storage, sikkerhed og management. En virksomhed vil hurtigt kunne se og mærke fordelene ved at bruge Windows Server 2008 og Windows Vista som den bedste løsning for deres interne PC’ere og servere.

5. Beskyt hele netværket imod usikre PC’ere

Network Access Protection (NAP) gør noget ved den kendte problematik, at usikre PC’ere tilgår virksomhedens netværk og derved udsætter det for unødvendige trusler. NAP sikrer, at PC’ere der tilgår netværket, lever op til virksomhedens retningslinjer med hensyn til “pc sundheds” krav og tildeler en begrænset adgang til de, som ikke lever op til kravene og yder samtidig en hjælpende hånd i retning mod at få PC’erne tilbage til den krævede tilstand.

6. Forbedret Scripting og Task Automation

Nye teknologier som Windows Powershell, et commandline og scripting sprog, hjælper professionelle til at automatisere opgaver. Med det nye værktøj bliver 120 standard og commandline tools syntaks konsistente.

7. Genoptag kontrollen med dine eksterne kontorlokationer

At håndtere servere, services og sikkerhedskontrol på eksterne lokationer er en konstant udfordring for IT professionelle. Windows Server 2008 gør administration af eksterne servere en del nemmere ved hjælp af en forbedring af Active Directory, med ReadOnly Domain Controllers og en separat administratorrolle. Yderligere kan du ved hjælp af teknologier som BitLocker og Server Core installation option bedre skabe et mere sikkert miljø på den enkelte lokation.

8. Centraliseret styring af applikationer

Med Windows Server 2008 vil brugeren have en yderst sikker adgang til interne applikationer via firewallvenlige porte. Med Windows Server Terminal Services RemoteApp vil det kun være det enkelte applikationsvindue, som vil åbnes og ikke hele den eksterne desktop.

9. Windows Server Virtualisation

Windows Server 2008 bølgen vil indeholde Windows Server Virtualisation (WSv), en kraftfuld virtualiseringsteknologi, som indeholder styrke management og sikkerhedsmuligheder. Windows Server virtualisering vil hjælpe virksomheder med at reducere deres omkostninger, give dem et mere fleksibelt IT miljø til bl.a. disaster recovery, test & udvikling.

10. En yderst kraftig Web og applikationsplatform

Windows Server 2008 tilbyder en sikker platform, som er let at håndtere, hvis man vil udvikle eller hoste applikationer eller services via den enkelte server eller internettet. Nye muligheder er bl.a. en mere simpel management konsol, udvidet sikkerhed og en bedre ydelse drevet af det indbyggede Internet Information Services 7.0 (IIS7), ASP.NET, and Windows Communication Foundation.

Outsourcing will boom in 2008

The need to cut costs in s weak global economy are predicted to drive IT Outsourcing growth up in 2008. Actually there is a amazing 53% share of companies which plans to increase outsourcing spending in 2008.

This was comming from 38% in 2006 and 48% in 2007. This is comming from according to a survey of 250 IT professionals by the american outsourcing and business process outsourcing company Syntel. Their CEO, Bharat Desai, said outsourcing is one industry that will NOT suffer from the crisis in the credit markets. Desai said in a statement: “In a weak or uncertain economy, companies look for technology solutions that will increase productivity, efficiency and savings.”

The link between outsourcing and savings was reinforced by a separate study by BPO provider Sutherland Global Services, which found cost reduction and the ability to provide a variable cost model was in the top five reasons for outsourcing for more than 90 per cent of businesses it questioned.

The study of BPO trends for 2007 surveyed major global companies in the insurance, banking, telecom, retail and banking industries. It found that tech support and customer care departments continue to be the most commonly outsourced divisions, standing at more than 60 per cent and 40 per cent respectively, and that India and the USA are the most popular locations, chosen by about 70 per cent and 60 per cent of respondents.

Data and site security topped the list of what companies want from their outsourcers for 80 per cent of businesses, with an understanding of process and industry experience close behind.

41% of Danish companies is using Outsourcing. Here is why.

4 out of 10 is using outsourcing in Denmark according to IDC Nordic Investment Guide. And 17% more is planning to outsource the whole or a part of IT functions in the Danish companies. That means that Denmark is number 1 on the European market.

IDC’s CEO in Sweden, Nils Molin, is responsible for the Nordic Investment Guide, says that Denmark now is ahead of the countries which Denmark usually is compared to. “Denmark do have a open business climate, where trade is playing an essential role. That means, that Danish enterprises is very fast to see new trends. At the same time there is a lack of employees. And with fewer resources , it is right ahead to outsource parts of the enterprise functions, so they can focus on the key areas.” Nils Molin also says that there is a tendency that smaller and middle-sized enterprises might be missing resources to run its own datacenter.

The CTO of Verinet, Steen Clausen, is confirming the market trend and continues. “For all enterprises the demands for mission critical hosting or outsourcing is getting higher and higher. We look at companies which is using separately IP classes, separately Internet connections and Server clustering, in order to gain stability and hight services for their clients.” Steen Clausen continues: “Also the cost of a datacenter is very high: Her is why:

  1. The space needed in M2 is around 1.000 DKR pr. M2
  2. The power systems for power redundancy is based on separate normal powersupply around at least 50.000 DKR
  3. The cost of the UPS Systems is around 4.000 DKR pr. KW
  4. If you want to Add Diesel Generator the price is around 100.000 DKR pr. KW pr. hour.
  5. The cost for Energen or other Fire fighting equipment is around 15.000 pr. M2.
  6. The cost for the Sniffing Systems is around 8.000 pr. M2.
  7. The cost for the obligatory Ground Level Power Connection is up to 125.000 per location
  8. Redundancy in Fiber of the IP net is around 40.000 DKR. pr. setup as it requires two separate Fiber Connections.
  9. The employees monthly salary is around 45.000 DKR pr. month pr. employee.
  10. The cost for the software use is around 2.000 pr. employee. The software could be video streaming, CMS, CRM, ERP, Office packages, Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Sharepoint servers.
  11. The cost of the hardware such as servers, backup, routers, firewalls, clustering and virtualization.
  12. The cost for the Backup Solution, if it is local is around 25.000 pr. 10 server.

“That is why so many companies of all sizes is using co location, server hosting and IT Outsourcing. It is because of the cost and the high uptime, so to speak, that outsourcing has become so popular. One of the sidegifts is, that you are gaining a partner which is very trained in installing and maintaining software and hardware in general.”

Here is why Verinet is gaining momentum in the amount of contracts. The main reasson is that is cost from 49 DKR. pr. month pr. server. The cost of 1 web server including Raid 5 backup is:

Type of cost: Buy Monthly Fee

Many other researches shows that co location, server hosting and IT Outsourcing is gaining and the total worldmarket is rising around 25% next year, mostly because there also has been af rise in power, security and a safe guarded home for the vital data which is keept on the servers.

Wowza Media Server is the best alternative to Adobe Media Server

One of the best alternatives to Adobe Media Server is the award winning server solution from Wowza. Verinet is a Wowza Solution Provider and is providing Wowza in 5 ways. The 5 ways is as the following products:

  • 19″ Wowza Appliance based on DELL and HP Quadcore Servers and a 90 days free hosting period (excluding traffic and extra services)
  • Wowza Video Streaming as a customize able service in one of Verinet’s 73 server hosting centers
  • Wowza Video Streaming as a customize able service at the customer and other hosting centers
  • Wowza Video Streaming Integrated on existing servers, portals, CMS and Webhotel outside Verinet.

UPDATE: Verinet is now providing a 80% discount like in many other countries. That means that there is no excuse for not using the best Media Server available.

Wowza has received many awards and is one of the best choices as a MEDIA SERVER.

The services is located at:
Please call +45 70202200 for more information.