41% of Danish companies is using Outsourcing. Here is why.

4 out of 10 is using outsourcing in Denmark according to IDC Nordic Investment Guide. And 17% more is planning to outsource the whole or a part of IT functions in the Danish companies. That means that Denmark is number 1 on the European market.

IDC’s CEO in Sweden, Nils Molin, is responsible for the Nordic Investment Guide, says that Denmark now is ahead of the countries which Denmark usually is compared to. “Denmark do have a open business climate, where trade is playing an essential role. That means, that Danish enterprises is very fast to see new trends. At the same time there is a lack of employees. And with fewer resources , it is right ahead to outsource parts of the enterprise functions, so they can focus on the key areas.” Nils Molin also says that there is a tendency that smaller and middle-sized enterprises might be missing resources to run its own datacenter.

The CTO of Verinet, Steen Clausen, is confirming the market trend and continues. “For all enterprises the demands for mission critical hosting or outsourcing is getting higher and higher. We look at companies which is using separately IP classes, separately Internet connections and Server clustering, in order to gain stability and hight services for their clients.” Steen Clausen continues: “Also the cost of a datacenter is very high: Her is why:

  1. The space needed in M2 is around 1.000 DKR pr. M2
  2. The power systems for power redundancy is based on separate normal powersupply around at least 50.000 DKR
  3. The cost of the UPS Systems is around 4.000 DKR pr. KW
  4. If you want to Add Diesel Generator the price is around 100.000 DKR pr. KW pr. hour.
  5. The cost for Energen or other Fire fighting equipment is around 15.000 pr. M2.
  6. The cost for the Sniffing Systems is around 8.000 pr. M2.
  7. The cost for the obligatory Ground Level Power Connection is up to 125.000 per location
  8. Redundancy in Fiber of the IP net is around 40.000 DKR. pr. setup as it requires two separate Fiber Connections.
  9. The employees monthly salary is around 45.000 DKR pr. month pr. employee.
  10. The cost for the software use is around 2.000 pr. employee. The software could be video streaming, CMS, CRM, ERP, Office packages, Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Sharepoint servers.
  11. The cost of the hardware such as servers, backup, routers, firewalls, clustering and virtualization.
  12. The cost for the Backup Solution, if it is local is around 25.000 pr. 10 server.

“That is why so many companies of all sizes is using co location, server hosting and IT Outsourcing. It is because of the cost and the high uptime, so to speak, that outsourcing has become so popular. One of the sidegifts is, that you are gaining a partner which is very trained in installing and maintaining software and hardware in general.”

Here is why Verinet is gaining momentum in the amount of contracts. The main reasson is that is cost from 49 DKR. pr. month pr. server. The cost of 1 web server including Raid 5 backup is:

Type of cost: Buy Monthly Fee

Many other researches shows that co location, server hosting and IT Outsourcing is gaining and the total worldmarket is rising around 25% next year, mostly because there also has been af rise in power, security and a safe guarded home for the vital data which is keept on the servers.

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